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Hello My Dear One, Why do I address you as “Dear One”? Because WE ARE ALL ONE, therefore very close and dear to each other. YES, WE ARE! This week I would like to share some ideas, heartfelt love, and information about manifesting through the power of letting go...and, of course, the Power of Love!

I would love for you to really tune in to our topic this week, because it may be the key to your new understanding of money and spirituality, and what is happening behind the scenes with the beautiful, Eternal, Holy Light. This Light is the oscillating vibration of the Divine. The title says it all, through meditation you can indeed become prosperous.

You may ask, “Why do I care if I am a Mystic or not? I am in my 60’s!” Or, “I am so young, why would I need to think of such a deep philosophy? I have only just begun my life!” It doesn’t matter what your age, culture, or past belief system is. Finding out who you are in consciousness can shift everything in your entire life to inner fulfillment, joy, and purpose. So, what does it mean to be a Mystic?

Practicing Meditation is the most important part in achieving Success, Joy, and Peace of Mind. The reason we say “practicing” is because Eternity meditates us. We call it practicing meditation until we have the real experience of total Divine Oneness.

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Click “Next” above to find even
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