The Power Of Meditation

Practicing Meditation is the most important part in achieving Success, Joy, and Peace of Mind. The reason we say “practicing” is because Eternity meditates us. We call it practicing meditation until we have the real experience of total Divine Oneness. 

If we desire to truly move ahead and have wealth and health flowing, we must tap into that which sustains all of life. If we wish to truly connect with our Higher Self, and not get into thinking it is our own mind that is creating or attracting what we want, then this lesson on meditation will assist you to delve into your true purpose in life.  

This true purpose is FREEDOM, your Enlightenment. This Teaching is for everyone including those who are new to meditation; however, it will also remind those who are practicing meditation of the awesome power it possesses. When we practice meditation, we are consciously connected in silence to our Higher Power. 

Although there are many ways to achieve silence through meditation practice, I will share with you some ideas that will meet your needs very nicely indeed. 

Create your own space where you will meditate. Clean this area completely, as this will release old energy. Buy a brand-new mat on which to sit. Light a beautiful candle. You can use the candle flame to focus your attention. A candle does bring in good energy, as does traditional incense. A flower or some kind of lush, green plant is also recommended. If you do not live alone, ask your roommate or partner to please respect that this is your special place. Of course, to sit outdoors on the earth is always clean and wonderful. However, always designate a special place in your home to meditate alone. 

Do not meditate too often in bed. It will add too much energy to your bed, and you may find it difficult to sleep since meditation gives you more energy. Meditation is not meant to make you sleepy; it is a focused practice. Visualization exercises are okay to do in bed since they can assist you to flow into a positive sleep. However, meditation practice is not the same practice as visualization. With visualization, we still have thoughts. With meditation, we are releasing thoughts to experience Divine Silence. 

Once you have your meditation space prepared and cleaned, sit down on your mat, lotus style if you can. Sit up straight, with your arms out to your sides, and breathe in through your nose deeply. Hold it, and then exhale slowly through your mouth. Keep doing this until you feel peaceful. As you are now sitting quietly, place your attention centered somewhere between the eyes and a little above, and take some word that is powerful to you. You will know the word when you try some out; LOVE, BLISS, GOD, SPIRIT, and BEAUTY are some examples. Ponder the word you choose. Some of my mantras are: “As a wave is one with the ocean, I am One with God,” “As a ray of sun is one with the sun, I am One with God,” “I Love God,” or “God’s Grace is flowing through me. I am now a clear instrument for God’s Grace,” “AUM,” “OM,” or my favorite, “OM MANI PADME HUM.” Use only one power word if that suits you better. You do not have to be religious to do this. This is about focus and connection. And meditation practice will strengthen your mind. Replace the word “God” with “Love” if this feels more comfortable to you. 

As you are sitting and focused on your power word, “Love,” “Heart” etc., your thoughts will wander off. When this happens, gently refocus your mind back to the same mantra or word. Feel no impatience with yourself or frustration. No matter how many times your mind wanders, bring it back to that one word. 

If you do this simple method, eventually you will find that the outside, intruding thoughts will cease, and you will be able to sit quietly in a peaceful state. It may take days, or it may take months to acquire this steadiness of mind. But it will come if you have patience and are consistent. 

First, do not attempt to remain quiet for more than five minutes or so unless you feel like it. After a couple of weeks, meditate for ten minutes. You can continue to increase the time until you can sit comfortably for much longer periods. You are doing this to have a conscious realization of your unity with Spirit or to contact God; you are not doing this to see “Light” or to have “experiences.” If these experiences do come, just refocus the mind. If we become too fascinated with these “experiences,” we could lose sight of the original intention. Keep it simple. KISS – “Keep It Simple and Spiritual” and remember to smile to bring a happy vibration to your meditation time. I call smiling my Happy Meditation. 

After you have had a few minutes of meditation and achieved that feeling of peace, joy, and unity with the Universe, give thanks and go about your day. It is recommended to practice these three or four times a day; first thing in the morning, at lunchtime (noon is best), at night (when the sun is setting, it is a powerful time to connect with God’s presence), and then at midnight or just before bed. 

When you first begin this practice, perhaps just meditate for five minutes three times a day. Just having the intention of connecting with your soul for 2-3 minutes or 4-5 times a day will uplift you tremendously. This will be a great start. Why? Ultimately, meditating 3-4 times a day, even if it is for just a few minutes, will bring you to a place where you are focused and unified with the Divine Presence all day, whether asleep or awake. Consistency is the key. Before you know it, you will be sitting there for hours in Divine Union. 

Even if you are agnostic, look at meditation as physicians do. It has been documented that people who meditate regularly have low blood pressure and are healthier, and happier human beings. So, meditate even if the word “God” is not your thing. Put a smile on your face as you sit down to meditate, as this DOES help your mind find peace. Do whatever you can to put yourself into a happy mindset before you sit down. 

This Teaching is a simple way to learn to practice meditation. Before we truly experience real silence, we are all only practicing meditation. But every time we do this, we DO raise our consciousness, even if we do not realize it. In time, we will feel better and clearer, and less clogged and stressed. Meditation is NOT to be taken in an overly serious tone. Focused, yes, but not so serious. Oscar Wilde said, “Life is too serious to be taken seriously,” so LIGHTEN UP! Focus your attention and feel happiness and gratitude. This way, it is a simple and easy way to begin to practice. But do not underestimate its power. And if you do not, at first, FEEL any connection or peace of mind, that is okay. Just having the intention to consciously connect and feel the presence of God will eventually create peace and joy within you, and everything good will begin flowing your way. 


Because for at least a few minutes a day, you have chosen to get out of the way and let God in. As you delve into longer meditations and find a method that suits you best – and there are many ways to learn meditation – your life and physical wellbeing WILL radically change for the better. Oh yes it will. 

If you are interested in delving more into consciousness and meditation, please watch a free video on Meditation.

If you are having a challenge with your meditation practice, do not give up. Allow these loving and all wise words by the great soul Paramahansa Yogananda to assist you: “Your trouble with meditation is that you don’t persevere long enough to get results. That is why you never know the power of a focused mind. If you let muddy water stand still for a long time, the mud will settle at the bottom and the water will become clear. In meditation, when the mud of your restless thoughts begins to settle, the power of God begins to reflect in the clear waters of your consciousness. You will become a smile millionaire.” 

I AM with you. 

In Love and Oneness,

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