Frequently Asked Questions

Well hi there! It is never too late to receive your audiobook now! Simply go to the “Audiobook” tab, and enter your name and email. You’ll be knee deep into the audiobook in no time!
All you do is navigate to the Upgrade page on the app, and scroll to the bottom where you will see a “Restore” button. Hit the button to restore all your features on your new iPhone device!
Magnet To Money is just the beginning, and Michele will be releasing many more apps to raise your vibration, so you’ll be shaking in your boots! Simply enter your name and email in the “Consciousness” screen of the app. And you’ll be the first to know when the other apps will be released!

There are so many great answers to that question! The reminders can be used for anything! Whether it is a reminder to listen to The Magnet To Money song, a reminder to listen to Michele’s positive affirmations, a reminder to meditate, a reminder to be still and be in the moment, or any other positive habit you are developing in your life that requires some kind of consistency! Use Magnet To Money to remind you that everything is possible, and that you can create all positive change to live a happier life.

Simple! All you do is listen to the affirmations, and repeat after Michele. Each affirmation is followed by 30 seconds of silence. Soak it all in, and feel your Truth come to fruition!

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