Manifesting Through The Power Of Love

Hello My Dear One,

Why do I address you as “Dear One”? Because WE ARE ALL ONE, therefore very close and dear to each other. YES, WE ARE! This week I would like to share some ideas, heartfelt love, and information about manifesting through the power of letting go…and, of course, the Power of Love!

I know it’s important to be quiet and let go, not just for our peace of mind, but also to let the power flow through us so that we get out of the way. Sometimes, our good simply wants to catch up with us, and it can do so when we take the time to be quiet, relax, and let go.

We can simply turn our attention away from all the things we want to manifest in the 3rd dimension, or outer world, and go within to bring them forth.  This week, let us all do as the great Thomas Troward did and ask for more of God within us – more peace, more awareness, more love, and compassion. May there be more of God in me than me.

When we do this, we will find that the walls we have built, which appear to obstruct us from realizing our dreams begin to crumble, and our truth and dreams start to become a reality. The walls will disappear. Then, what we do want to manifest will not evaporate; it will last, grow, and build.  This way, we will ALWAYS, in ALL RIGHT WAYS, feel fulfilled, on purpose, and be prosperous and happy.

The love we seek, the prosperity we seek, the passion for life we seek, not only is seeking us; it is us. As the Mystical and beautiful Poet Rumi said, “Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field, I’ll meet you there.” When we let go and be still, a molecular structure grows which will meet us on this field of the 3rd dimension.

How do we meet our good to manifest in the field?

1) FIRST, sit down somewhere quiet, preferably outside in nature or even out on a balcony as I often do, as long as you can feel you can sit there in peace and quiet.

So now take ten deep breaths through the nose and out through the mouth.  Do this by breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly, and as you are doing this think these words: “Peace. I AM Peace!”

2) Then close your eyes and say out loud, “I AM PEACE. I AM JOY. I AM LOVE. I AM COMPASSION. I AM HEALTH. I AM WEALTH. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM AWARE. I AM THAT I AM!”  There does not have to be an order to it, simply say positive words out loud and then breathe, relax, and let go.

3) Then say in your own words (here I will simply give an example)
“Dear Infinite one, today I turn away from the 3rd dimension and go within to where I know all that is required to live a truly happy, prosperous life is now made manifest. I now call into my life all the good there is and release everyone and everything that is not for my highest good, to their highest good.”

4) Then begin to visualize what it is you DO want as if it has already happened.

Get into that feeling that you NOW have all that you require to have a beautiful life.

5) Keep breathing, relax, quiet the mind, and let go. And let God. If you are still having a challenge with quieting the mind chatter keep repeating to yourself in your mind.

Whenever we feel we have to look outside of ourselves for love, please know that all of the love we could ever handle in a million, billion lifetimes is there pouring itself into, through, and all around us when we let go.

May Love bless you today, tonight, and always, and may your spiritual awareness always guide you and rise with every passing moment.

I Am with you.

In Love and Oneness,
Michele XXX

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