The Pole Of Prosperity

What is the Pole of Prosperity? It is using the Law of Polarity and the Law of Vibration in our favor to create what we want into our beautiful lives. Once we love our dreams enough, and then take positive action – using my My New Life*– then the love we have moves our actions into power actions. Love is the highest vibration there is, and when we do not feel love, we can use our mind to change our vibration, so we oscillate at a faster frequency. Then our dreams are no longer wishful thinking. 

Now is the time for us to learn another fast and fun method of the mind to visualize, and that is The Pole of Prosperity. Hermes Trismegistus said, “As above so below”. Lack is on the same pole as prosperity as it is just the other end of the same pole. Lack is simply our consciousness vibrating at a much slower frequency. Whenever we are feeling fear, anger, or depression we are oscillating at a slower rate. Whenever we feel happy, excited, and have an attitude of gratitude, we are oscillating at a faster vibration. This has been proven in clinical studies, and yet this was written over four thousand years ago. Truth is ageless.

There are many actions we can take to assist us powerfully to manifest our heart’s desire. We can propel ourselves into great, fulfilled success and take quantum leaps of increase beyond what we have ever done before. The Pole of Prosperity is truly so simple, and yet very effective. We do not do this to be ahead of the so-called competition, as the vibration for thinking competitively is thinking that there is lack and not enough to go around. When in fact, there is an oversupply and plenty for everyone.

The creative plane of life, which lives beyond the Terror Barrier, is where all real success and change occur. Otherwise, we are only using our willpower, and that is not enough. Our willpower is important, and we need this as our willpower can assist us to change old thoughts of lack (the opposite end of the pole) to thoughts of plenty (the high end of the pole). Then, we are unifying with Infinite Universal Intelligence. This way, we will get ahead of our old vibrations of “Doing it the hard way” and break that negative spell. People say, “Well, that’s just the way it is, life is hard.” Rubbish! Life is beautiful.

The Law of Polarity and
The Law of Vibration

These Universal Laws show us quite simply that if there is any lack in our life, there is also another end to the vibration of lack, and that is the vibration of prosperity. It is all a matter of using the same Pole; one end being lack, and the other end being prosperity. What we must do is vibrate faster to get up to the high end of the pole, where prosperity lives. ON HIGH!

So, use your imagination and visualize a pole with a lever at one end. See yourself moving the lever to the high end of the pole where there is unlimited prosperity. Do this whenever you think about lack and feel fear embracing you. You can do this for all areas of your life: Health, Happiness, Trust, Love, etc. Have a pole with a lever for each area of your life. When you do this, feel your vibration – your frequency – going faster (higher) and then you are using The Law of Polarity in YOUR favor. No more pendulum swing of experiences.

Your thoughts can control your
vibrations by changing your lever
on your pole

Do this as many times a day as you can. You can even physically move your arm up as if you were moving your lever to the highest end. Then visualize putting a lock onto this end, so your levels stay at the Prosperous high end of the pole.

Doing this will create magical manifestations.

There is such a beautiful prosperity and loving cycle that begins when we are in tune with higher vibratory thoughts. We are tuning our consciousness to a higher vibration using the pole of prosperity, and it works so quickly. We also begin to see that what we achieve is also uplifting our loved ones and the world at large. When we create a more positive, larger vision then this vibration and bigger vision becomes magnified and positively affects all those around us. This also helps us tremendously to STOP our little pity parties, which can only lead to self-destructive thinking and behaviors, which are at the opposite end of the pole where the lever is hardly moved at all.

We deserve to achieve all we can, and we deserve to allow ourselves to be the VERY best we can be. Let us set forth the intention of making our own lives BIGGER and to increase more, an increase in abundance, in success, and an increase in spiritual awareness. Begin to practice meditation. Begin positive affirmations. It does not take that much to move the lever.

If this still does not make sense to you, let us do this simple exercise. See a volume control fader that is similar to what you will find in a recording studio. You move the fader up, and the volume goes up. So right now, what level is your fader? 1 or 10? This will also let you see where your consciousness is right now, as far as your prosperity is concerned. Is it right at the bottom, or midway up? Get the picture now?

So, wherever you see the lever, imagine yourself moving it up. It is a simple exercise, but it really does change your vibration about money. Move that pole up as many times a day as you wish. You can even actually move your arm up as you do this and yell out,


Perhaps your neighbors will simply think you are exercising or that you have won the lottery. So, think big, get clear on your goals, and move your lever to the high end of your pole and keep it there. Have fun with this exercise. It is simple, fast, fun, and it works.

For those who wish to study further, please enjoy the audiobook, “Become A Magnet to Money Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness”, by myself and Bob Proctor, as a free gift, available to you through the Magnet To Money App.

Put more fun in your funds and Be A Magnet to All Good!

Thank yourself for reading. Believe in yourself for you are an unlimited, spiritual POWERHOUSE!

And one more thing… remember to smile!

I AM with you.

In Love and Oneness,

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