Six Methods You Can Use
To Uplift Your Vibration

This audio program is a fun and excellent method to begin to utilize your muscle of visualization and imagination. When we begin to use our imagination and visualize who we can become, miraculous things begin to shift. We must be open and receptive to receiving new ideas and all good to manifest, and to remember, that all things are possible with the Divine Mind. 

#1 – Reinvent Yourself through Visualization. 

When we can visualize something, it really does raise our consciousness so that we can begin to see new opportunities to see ourselves in an entirely new light. We may see our career expand, or experience new solutions that miraculously appear so that we can work from home and make extra sources of income. We must think outside of our habitual comfort zone. 

Visualize what you do want, NEVER what you do not want. You can put pictures on a vision board. People have been doing that for years, but not everybody does them. I’ve done them for years, and everything has manifested. Vision boards are very powerful. 

You reinvent yourself through visualizing what you want. You allow that creativity to come through you. Think about the question, “What can I do?” As the answers come, visualize yourself doing those things. Put it up on a poster board and visualize yourself being reinvented. 

Visualization is very important because we think in patterns and pictures. The mind does not know what a picture is compared to what something solid or real is. 

One of my cat’s face was printed on a large and oversized pillow. When my other cat saw it, he freaked out, because he thought it was a real, alive, very large cat. He couldn’t tell the difference. 

#2 The Magic Of Affirmation Power 

Buddha said, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.” 

This is Truth. Your thoughts, when used as positive affirmations, will guide you to new ideas and higher vibrations will affect everything in your life in magical ways. 

Well, what are affirmations? 

An affirmation is a positive statement you say to yourself about yourself. It must be stated in the now, and of course, must be positive. The beautiful thing is, in the past, you had to emotionalize an affirmation for it to be planted into the treasury of your subconscious mind. You don’t have to emotionalize it when you combine the affirmations with music. When you do not believe an affirmation is true, it is very challenging to emotionalize a positive affirmation. So, with music, it is a whole-brain experience and works very fast. I had this epiphany of doing the affirmations with music back in 1987. This is how my body was healed from a near-fatal car accident. 

You can still do affirmations even if there is no music with them, especially when they are done with others as a group. It still uplifts and sends Light to the entire world. The mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum” is also an affirmation. You are affirming that there is Light everywhere, and that God is in the lotus of your heart. 

The great James Brown sang, “I feel good, and I knew that I would.” That is, I think, the best affirmation song ever written. It’s stated in the now. “I feel good because I knew that I would.” Anything that can uplift you, affirm it. You do create your reality this way. It is the most powerful and yet simple form to vibrate at a higher frequency. 

This is why I wrote so many of my affirmation songs to cover many topics. “I Am Healed”, “I Am A Magnet To Money,” “I Will Persist Until I Succeed,” “Success,” “I Am Energy,” “I Am Love,” “Divine Love.” There are so many songs and albums, such as “Songs For Success” and “Songs For Motivation,” that you can get on iTunes, including my favorite songs on the newly released album, “Create Miracles – Positive Affirmation Songs To Harmonize Your Life.” 

Of course, the “Magnet To Money” song is included in the magnificent Magnet To Money App, along with many affirmations that will uplift you. 

#3 – Meditation Practice 

Meditation is so important. To practice meditation is one of the most beautiful things you can do for yourself and for the world. If you have not practiced meditation before, all you have to do is go to and download my video, “The Practice Of Meditation.” 

It’s a great video for people who may have dabbled in meditation but didn’t really have formal training or a True Awakened Teacher. You don’t have to be religious to practice meditation. It absolutely assists your immune system, it brings your stress levels down, it brings your heart rate down, and it brings your blood pressure down. 

Once, I had a medical check-up, and the doctor said to me, “Your blood pressure is so low you are nearly dead, or you practice meditation.” Smart Doctor. 

You can then go into a deeper meditation practice to find out who you are when the world is in silence. Now more than ever before, is a perfect moment to open yourself up to your true Higher Self. It is beautiful to practice meditation. Of course, there is a lot of music that you can meditate with that can assist in blocking out the rest of the world. However, going into silence is profound. 

When you go into practice of meditation, you can sit in a chair, you don’t have to know how to sit lotus style, just breathe. 

Meditation also helps you reinvent yourself because when your mind is silent, the Divine can then speak to you, and you will actually hear the still small voice. Your Higher Self can guide you. Your intuition becomes stronger because your intuition is you being in-tune with God, your Divine Presence. 

#4 – Gratitude 

The more things you have on your list to be grateful for, the more things you will manifest that you are thankful to receive. It just works perfectly. I recommend you write out your gratitude list twice a day. However, if you don’t want to do it twice a day, please always do it in the evening. Get yourself some paper, an exercise book, or a Mystical Greeting Card You then write down six things you are grateful to receive. You can put more than six. You can put one hundred things you are grateful for and to, however, do please write a minimum of six. Always say THANK YOU FOR MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE. 

Write down people you are grateful for and things you are grateful for in your life. It is also important to be grateful for things that haven’t happened yet, that you do want to have in your experience. When you put a sprinkling of affirmations in with the rest of your gratitude list, the subconscious mind does not know the difference. 

The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between you looking at a picture, or if you are looking at the real thing. Even if you are not feeling it, if you are saying, “I am so grateful that I have perfect health. I am so grateful that I am wealthy in all aspects of my life. I am so grateful that I am calm and peaceful”, the subconscious mind will still absorb it. 

Maybe you aren’t calm and peaceful, but you can affirm it. What you tell your mind does end up being your experience. It is essential to affirm this because then you are focusing on the good. 

#5 – Exercise and Laughter 

Laughter strengthens your immune system. It changes everything. The same thing happens when you exercise. Your endorphins come alive, and you feel better. 

Exercise every day. You can do jumping jacks, or you can dance to K.C. and the Sunshine Band. The younger ones are saying, “Who is K.C. and the Sunshine Band?” Also, James Brown. 

Watch Monty Python. There are so many Monty Python skits online. Read a funny book, but make sure they are really writing funny things. You can watch “The Ruttles.” You can go online to YouTube and watch “Faulty Towers” and “Monty Python” films. If you are not into English humor, you can watch Steve Martin movies from the 80s or “I Love Lucy,” or Carol Burnett. Whatever you find really silly and humorous. 

Laughter is an instant, immediate method to uplift your entire spirit. The other things we’ve spoken about don’t just uplift you; they change you. You do become reinvented because you are changing, not just your state of mind, but the love in your heart. Everything rises. You feel oneness with everything. 

#6 – Doing Something To Uplift Someone Else 

Another thing you can do that will really uplift you fast, is doing something to uplift someone else and doing something to make somebody else happy. Taking positive action every day to do something to inspire and uplift others is so fulfilling. You will even sleep better. We don’t share what we do for others; this is not to feed our ego. Giving to others helps uplift you. You get 100 times more than what you gave because you know that it’s the right thing to do. When someone has less, and we can do something to assist them, to uplift them, we give. 

Give a smile, laughter, money, or toys to orphanages. You can buy them online and just send them. Whatever you can do to assist people that aren’t as well off. Or to just uplift them with a smiley emoji and funny video clips. Anything really. The thing is to do it EVERY DAY. 

When you combine all of the above, and it doesn’t take long to do them, you will be uplifted. You will be changed. You will experience greater opportunities, and extra sources of income will come to you magically and more. Why? How? Because you are uplifting your spirit, your oscillation, your vibration, your frequency. Your frequency is vibrating at a higher, faster speed. 

So, then your life will be absolutely wonderful and magical, and you will be able to uplift others easily. You will be able to discern what is true and what is fake. You will know what to do and when to do it. 

Remember fear is not real. It is something that may or may not ever happen. It is a state of thinking in the future. IT IS NOT REAL. Be in the moment and fear will disappear. 

You are loved.
I AM with you! 

In Love and Oneness,

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