Use These 10 Musical Affirmations to Manifest Abundance In All Areas of Your Life

1. I Am A Magnet To Money

With this affirmation you can magnetize yourself to money.  Remember something important, you do not serve money, money serves you. Money is your obedient friend. Money loves to be around you and multiply.  

Say:  I Am A Magnet To Money! Money, Money Loves Me!

2. I Am Strong & I Am Beautiful

Remember, you can overcome any challenge with strength and grace. Using the affirmation, “I am strong, I am beautiful” helps to attract good into your life which is a powerful affirmation.

3. I'm In The Right Place, Right Time

Using this affirmations helps to put you into the right place and right time for success. Success is many times dependent on timing. So with this affirmation you can place yourself at the right place and time.

4. This Is Now My Perfect Day

Why not make everyday your perfect day? How would your perfect day look like? How would you feel?  Do you see others treating you with love and kindness. Do you see yourself receiving love and kindness and success.  Make your day a perfect day.

5. I Am A Success

With this powerful affirmation you can target your success. Jump for joy as you see  your success coming to you. Success in every part of your life. Success in money. Success in love. Success in Health. Success in all areas of your life.

6. Time Is Mine

Image you have all your time to yourself. Spending your time as you as you would like. Going to places that you desire. Doing the things that give you happiness and passion. When your time is yours, you feel joyful and fulfilled.

7. I Greet This Day With Love In My Heart

Wake up everyday withthis affirmation.  When you have love in your heart, you take that love into your work, into your play.  With love in your heart life becomes a playground.

8. Miracles Are Happening To Me

Miracles can happen to you. With this affirmation you can make miracles a regular thing in your life.  What will happen to you next? Who will you meet next? When miracles happen to you only good things can to you.

9. I Am Healed

If you are you physically, emotionally or spiritually hurt, saying this affirmation will align you with who you truly are.  Which is a powerful person with a strong, healthy body that is also  an emotional and spiritually fulfilled.

10. I Always Forgive

The power of forgiveness! Repeating this affirmation will give your life more peace and joy. When the past holds you back and robs you of your freedom and peace of mind. This affirmation helps you forgive and regain back your power and freedom.  A feeling of peace!

xxxx Add I am love


Positive Affirmation 

“I Am A Magnet To Money! I now have more than I need I am a magnet to money. Money, Money Loves Me!”

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